Sunday Seven

This edition of Sunday Seven was inspired by Earth Day (and by abso-freaking-lutely fantastic spring weather). I’m currently reading, Flat Broke With Two Goats: A Memoir by Jennifer McGaha. In the book, Jennifer and her husband made the decision to move to a rustic cottage/homestead in the middle of nowhere. The move was a last resort….

Knitting and Netflix

Once upon a time, in a land not very far away, I squandered my days watching way too much television.  Over time—as network programming became suckier and suckier—my screen time trickled down to almost nil.  For nearly a decade, I’d only tune in while I was sitting down to eat meals, or while I was…

Grievances Aside (For A Moment)

As I was gathering things to prepare last night’s dinner, my boyfriend, who also happens to be  my cat’s archenemy, stopped by unexpectedly on his way to play volleyball. True to form, Moe made a mad dash for cover under the nearest bed the instant Mr. B’s front tires crossed the property line. I can’t…

Giving A F*ck

I have a confession to make. I’m a self-help junkie. The number of books I’ve read in the self-help genre is almost as ridiculous as much of the advice printed inside. Yet, I’m compelled to read them, AND I have a tendency to let the authors of them convince me that I’m somehow broken. It’s crazy,…

Hello, World! I’m, Amy!

Welcome to my new online home! You’ve caught me before I’ve had a chance to get this place ready for entertaining guests. Oops! My bad. I hope you’ll stop by again after I’ve had a chance to unpack.